Book Photo Samples Book Photo Samples Texaco Station Clarence Gutzwiller's Texaco and later Lyle Robeck's Texaco. Remember the bell that rang when you drove up to the pumps? 186640234 Dominic and Leo Welter Welter's Implement and these two men were pillars in the community. 186640235 Firemen 1953 Pictured here are many of the businessmen of St. Michael who also served on the volunteer fire department. 186640336 Victory Car The Victory Car was a long-time Homecoming Parade tradition at ST.M.A. 186640337 Brixius Store The Andrew Brixius Store would have several "lives" as Hackenmueller's Store, the Blue Moon Bar and several other names. Today, it's Ditto's Bar. 186640338 Main Street 1968 The book includes several great shots like this one capturing bird's eye views of St. Michael from many perspectives. 186640339